Sauteed Katsudon which I ate with ramen at Aizu was very delicious.

I went on a trip to Kagoshima long ago.

I went on a trip to Kagoshima long ago. Even though it is a poverty trip for two nights. However, just as the local was a nearby place called Fukuoka, I enjoyed it as it was in two nights. Especially remember the unique dishes of Kagoshima as they were delicious. \ R \ n \ r \ nIt is quite a long time ago, I can not remember much details, but after all the dish using black pigs was particularly good. Black pig, Shabu shabu, a tasty flavor when you put it in your mouth, texture ...... It was completely different from pork like you usually buy at Supermarket in Fukuoka. When I ate it for the first time, it was already drunk with sweet potatoes of Kagoshima specialty, but as soon as I ate a black pig and shabu shabu, I felt like I was a little awaked. \ R \ n \ r \ n Since I can not afford it a lot, I have not been to Kagoshima, but sometimes I do somewhat impossibly and buy meat of Kagoshima specialty black pig, one person, Shabu-shabu, Pork cutlet etc. It feels like enjoying ""Black Pig feast dinner"".