Sauteed Katsudon which I ate with ramen at Aizu was very delicious.

For domestic travel the scenery and rice is the most fun after all.

For domestic travel the scenery and rice is the most fun after all. \ R \ nIt is a family who often go on a trip, but among them was the impact on Hokkaido travel. \ R \ n At that time, I was a junior high school student and I was a child not able to eat sashimi. Because my parents were raised in places where there are only mountains in the Chubu region, sashimi is not tasty after all. \ R \ n So I was disliked to eat seafood. \ R \ n However, seafood in Hokkaido is sluggish. Seriously I can only eat potato and tombie ... I was worried so. (Although both potato and toast are good) \ r \ n And, as expected, the hotel which we stayed is crab shabu shabu & crab stab! Abalone steak! sliced ??raw fish! Fish sexual exploitation menu such as. \ R \ n I'll give it to my mother ... I was doing mesosomething, but eat it with my father! I was made to eat crab stabs. \ R \ n When I brought it to my mouth, it was sweet! Crabs are sweet! A very delicious crab with no fishy smell opened me. Of course crab shabu shabu sweet and plump. I guess the crabs are delicious. Maybe abalone is delicious, is not it? I thought so short-circuiting, I also started abalone steak. I enjoyed the stunning taste. \ R \ n Since this trip I overcame seafood. Honshu (inland) seafood does not go to Hokkaido, but I think that it is thanks to the crab that time I began to understand the taste. I also want to go to Hokkaido and eat crab.